Stretch marks and reconstructive tattoo

It’s not the first time that we talk about reconstructive tattoo (and this will not be the last), but what is sure, it’s that every case is different and in each cases it is necessary to realize a personalized work.

Today we will talk about a woman, Lidia, who after a birth had submitted herself to an abdominoplasty to eliminate the excess of skin and fat in order to remodel her abdomen. During the pregnancy an additional skin appears and especially during the last three months when the exploracion-estriasbaby grows and after the birth, this skin becomes loose and provokes an expansion of the abdomen. This expansion of abdominal skin provokes appearance of stretch marks.

Lidia’s intervention was realized in January of this year, so 6 months ago, and it’s necessary to know that we can touch a scar only one year later.

But the fact of not being able to touch the scar doesn’t exclude the fact of being able to search an idea and to think about the drawing. Indeed, it’s necessary to think about a drawing as a whole and not about a succession of additions which complete this one.

Lidia came in our parlour to watch other similar works that we realised, and she was worried about the aspect of its stretch marks on her belly. Before having estimated her case, we spoke about the drawing that we could work on her abdomen. I prefer that every customers tells me what kind of tattoo they want and then I estimate the feasibility. She told me that she liked very much the peacocks. I analysed the form of her stretch marks and I saw that it was possible, thus I put myself on work.

plantilla estriasFirst of all, I made a sketch of drawing realized regard to her stretch marks to be able to work above and adapt me to them.

plantilla sobre estriasOnce the sketch is realized, I asked her to return on our parlour to see if the drawing and the design pleased her. She was delighted, I thus resumed her measures and straightened the drawing so that it adapts itself perfectly to her body. The drawing includes a braided tree which will cover the scar and on which the peacock will settle, because for the moment it is in the air. A tree which will cover the scar and from which purple flowers will spring.

boceto pavo realThis type of work requires at least two sessions because the skin is more sensitive and because the work is slow and delicate. In a first session we realise working line and a part of colours, and during the second session, two weeks after the first, we do the filling of colours and the rest of the tattoo.
primera sesion
We can see the result on the other picture, though, having been tattooed recently, the stretch marks are irritated and
swollen. In a few days the inflammation and redness of the skin will be calmed and the colours will seems cleaner.

Lidia, it remains for me to say thank you, thank you for coming to us and trusting us. See you soon to continue the work! Kisses 🙂


reconstructivo-pavo real