Normally, when I ask my clients to tell the story of their tattoo and to send it to me, once I received it, I used to do an introduction, but, this time I read the title of what Patricia wrote and I had copy and paste for you to read the full story.


•Why in my 52 years old I decided to do a tattoo?

I don’t remember anymore at which moment I thought it would please me, or rather, it wouldn’t import me to make a tattoo. What I remember well, it’s the moment I made the decision.

The “necessity” of making something which tempted me and which, for diverse reasons had not been made yet, brought me to tell my husband 3 weeks ago: “I’m going to make a tattoo”. His answer was “If it makes you happy…”

My two daughters and I have already talked about us getting tattooed, but this does NOT AT ALL pleased their father, and so, we did not. Until now…

I think it’s a change in his life or at least, in its way of seeing it, which influences his decision.

Adriana had made a scarab 3 or 4 weeks ago, and it was at this moment I told her that I wanted a tattoo too, and Ana Patricia joined us.

cruz Santa Brigida-madre e hija• What? This, we clearly knew for a long time. The cross of St. Brigida.

St Brigida is the co-patron of Ireland with St Patrick. My son went many times there and brought me back every time something related to “my Saint”. One year ago, my son brought me a cross of St Brigida which had been given to me: «his Irish mother”. I enjoyed a lot to examine the story of this Saint. She was the daughter of an Irish king and one of his domestics. She became a nun and went to evangelize villages. She made crosses in weaving and placed it in the bed of sick people, and in many cases, they cured.

Two or three years after the cross breaks itself, I decided to make one. On February 2nd (in the daytime of the Saint), Irish people make crosses which they put then on houses to protect them.


cruz Santa Brijida_solaI did the same. On February 2nd, I made some crosses that I gave to my sons, brothers and nephews. For over eight years and still today, I continue to make them.

Adriana knew very well from the beginning that she would tattoo the same as me, and in the same place.


The story of Ana Patricia relates to a family concept according to the character. My great grandmother, a direct descendant of the 2 May hero: Luis Daoiz, was a women ahead of her time and she had balls…  The father of my daughters used the term “Villalona/s” – it was called Villaon- to define us when one of us three acted or argued with balls…. (According to him: too often)

He was the promoter of the concept VILLALONAS up to the point to register the domain, to create us an email address and to make a logo (which looks like Ana Patricia’s tattoo) which he silkscreened in T-shirts and caps that he offered this Christmas to 11 women of the “Villalon Clan”

For this reason, we have tattooed the V of Villalonas, Victoria, Valor (Value), Volar (Flying), Vertigo…


•Where? I didn’t have either too much to reflect. The tattoo was for me. Consequently, it had to be in a place where I could easily see it (just the opposite of what is recommended) and a place where people couldn’t see it.

The inside of the wrist, it was the place.

Ana Patricia wanted to play with symmetry and strength (and weaknesses) of the Achilles ‘tendon and made it on the back of the ankle.

This is the story of our tattoos.

Patricia, (Ana) Patricia, Adriana.


Author’s note : Well, as I said at the beginning of this article Patricia, I have nothing to add, except… Congratulations to you three!! With a pair of b…. 🙂