tatuaje_PepeluThe symbolism of the Vikings is very large, it goes complex drawings with knots, similar to the “Celtic knots” until former “pictograms” as crosses. These are tattoos which symbolize power but also hardness, cruelty in many cases, and in other cases can mean courage.

Although, the use of tattoos is not demonstrated in the Nordic population preceding the entry of Christianity, we have some sources, as explains the historian Laia San José Beltran in her blog  The Valkyrie’s Vigil, under Ele de Lis name.


yelmo de aegirAs she says in her blog, aegishjalmur or ægishjælmur, in Scandinavian ægishjælmr, seems to be similar with magic part of Vegvisir, a symbol of protection used by the Scandinavian warriors. Just like Vegvisir, which is also an Icelandic translated symbol by “spell of terror or fear”.

The saga tell us that the aegishjalmur was usually used by the warriors Vinking as a protective sign, a symbol which they painted in the forehead before the battles, as herkumbl or “war sign”.

Our customer decided to do an other symbol also, a Vegvisir, the magic symbol which tries to guide people during a day of bad weather. However, we cannot consider Vegvisir as a myth, it is relative to a solar compass used by the Vinking sailors, similar to the wind rose.



VegvisirThis symbol appears in an Icelandic book of magic, or grimonio, published by 1600. To  my dear friend Pepelu, it is clearly a symbol of help to not be lost in the right path of the life that each has to follow. So, we hope that all this comes true, and that you walk and jump the obstacles which put themselves daily on your path.


A strong embrace Pepelu!! And of course, thank you to have relied on us for your first tattoo.


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