tatuaje-Camara de ComercioThe Chamber of Commerce of Seville (Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla) contacted Twotattoo to give a class of tattoo of two weeks, which will begin at the end of June of this year.

This class will aim to introduce students to the world of tattoos and to give them some bases in both drawing applied to the tattoo and in knowledge of materials and the necessary techniques to be able to practise this art.

The class, which will last 40 hours, will aim to familiarize students with the various technical and tattoo styles. For this, 32 hours will be dedicated to practical work whereas the remaining 8 hours will be dedicated to the learning of necessary theoretical basis for the development of various works which will be realized in the room.

cover en color en antebrazo(II)This is the first class given in Seville with this type of characteristics based in the learning of artistic and technical concepts, and strengthening the practical exercises to be able to go out of this class with a solid base in the techniques of tattoo.

The pupils who will attend this class, once finalized, will receive a Diploma accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville.

If you want information about the program and conditions, you can click this link : temario y condiciones

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