Even if we have spoken before about the meaning of the owl, I return on this theme to show you some of our works.

If we search on the internet the meaning of animal in tattoo, one of the most tattooed is the owl. Although they have different forms, sizes and styles.

On the web page Tatuarte, we learn that as night bird and dam bird, the owl is associated with psychic powers. The Greek, Roman and Celt mythology see the owl as a representative of the spiritual influence. Also, the Hinduism sees the owl as a symbol of the cosmic spirituality. We can also find in numerous books and movies the character of the “learned owl”.

In other web pages, as in Cuerpo y Arte, we learn that this animal is associated with the magic, fantastic, mystic, mysterious and in certain cases sinister and darkness.

We can talk about the theme of the owl as much as we want, but we can especially reproduce it on the skin with very different styles.

yin yang buho y lechuzaFor example, here, there are three different styles of owl. The first is a YinYang combined with an owl, the second is an owl realized on the arm which is worked with grey and light touches of color.

This other change is based on a geometrical work.buho geometrico

But, all the cases are not realized on the skin just because its original, sometimes, it can be a good recourse to realize a cover, of course provided that the tattoo can adapt itself to the new drawing.

Here, there is a cover realized on the arm of Noelia. Previously, it was a chicano style text “Contra el viento” accompanied with a flower and a dark decoration.

texto para coverNoelia told me that she liked very much owls and she showed me some references found on the Internet which pleased her.

It has been a pleasure to work on Noelia arm and above all, she was a good company during the tattoo process. I expect her again to return some areas and successfully cover the maximum of his former tattoo, so Noelia… see you soon  🙂






cover con buho