I used to write in this web page about the work we realize in our Tattoo parlour, to write about my client tattoo story, but, this time, I find interesting to publish a link on an article published on the web site CULTURA INQUIETA (worried culture), a music and art platform.

You already know that we realize works on stretch marks and scars produced as a result of interventions of any type, but today, after having attended the seminary of TATUAJE REPARADOR DE PEZONES Y AREOLAS (REPAIR TATOO OF NIPPLE) following a mastectomy, we are more involved. I advise you to click the direct link of the web page of a great friend and artist, so that you can read this article.

I am delighted that we consider this work, more than a rewarding work towards those affected, but otherwise as un ART, as this article says it so well : “a tattoo artist hides magnificently scars produced by breast cancer” . Link : tatuaje tras la mastectomia